Credit Karma: An Honest Review

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By Brittany Archer

She Banks is thrilled to announce our new partnership with Credit Karma. I am personally excited about this opportunity to promote a service that I have been using for the past 9+ years.


I first learned the importance of monitoring my credit score in my 20’s. At the time, I was taking college courses and planning to start my first business. I was busy and needed extra money to support myself during my studies and make ends meet. Truth be told, at that time I had zero credit, and no understanding of why credit was important. I didn’t understand the importance of a good score and payment history until the moment I needed my first credit card and had no idea how to get one. Up until that point, I paid for everything with cash and worked multiple jobs to fund my needs. This was actually a point of pride for me, but as time went on I realized the importance of establishing my score to move forward in life.


A friend told me about Credit Karma, and the opportunity to check my score for free so that I might be better positioned to apply for getting a car loan, and apply for other big loans down the line such as a mortgage. What I liked about the service was not only was I able to check my credit score to know where I stood before applying for these major loans, but I was able to see what credit cards I would have a good chance at being approved for. 


With the resources provided on the site, I was given insights about what exactly I could do to better my credit score and monitor new changes in real time. I got my first card through Credit Karma and Capital One, followed the recommendations given to me and was able to make my payments on time. I watched my score grow and it was really the best feeling. Within a year I was able to apply for my first car loan on my own and entered a new era of responsibilities.


Since then, I have watched the platform grow and mature, as well as my score. I love reading other member’s reviews on cards, and the expert advice that is offered in their blogs. I recently learned that there is even a feature now where you can search for unclaimed money, which is exciting. With over 100 million members, there is no doubt that Credit Karma is a leader in helping people navigate their personal finance roadmap.


Without a doubt, I can recommend this service to anyone that is looking for a free way to monitor their credit score, learn more about credit in general, and see personalized recommendations for cards that would be a great fit for them. You can sign up for your free account here.

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