Grocery Shopping Hacks To Save Money

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By Anna Braichenko

How many times did you spend more money than you were going to in a grocery shop? You go to buy bread and eggs and come home with a large package. You can even forget to buy bread or eggs. Putting all ‘needed and useful’ products to the fringe, you are thinking: ‘I should spend less money on food.’

If you recognize yourself in such a situation, our grocery shopping hacks to save money will be useful.

1. Make a list - and stick to it!

First of all, to spend less money on food when grocery shopping you should make a list of what you need. Try to stick to it. This will help you to buy only what you really need instead of everything you see at the store. You will be concentrated on specific things and save not only your money, but your time too.

2. Shop around

Take some time and visit several stores. It will help you to compare prices and you will know what costs less and where. Studying prices in different places makes a strict direction. Then know where you can buy dairy, or vegetables cheaper.

3. Don't impulse buy

Most purchases are made by impulse. So, it’s difficult not to get tempted by delicious-looking snacks at the grocery store. Every time you want to grab attractive crisps, candies, sausages, which are not in your list, remember that you want to spend less money on food

4. Buy in bulk

Another way to pay less for food is to store it. If you buy some pasta, rice or pastry in a big amount, it’s usually much cheaper. If you have a place for storage, buy in bulk and save money. 

5. Use coupons and discounts

Using discounts and coupons you will influence your grocery bill. But don’t spend your coupons on things you never buy. You can also install discount apps and use cashback in grocery stores.

6. Compare prices online

You can compare prices in different stores online. It will take less time, because you won’t have to go from one place to another, then come back to the first one, because prices on several products are lower there. This grocery shopping hack to save money helps to save budget and your precious time.      

7. Avoid pre-packaged foods

If you want to save money, don’t buy processed or pre-packaged food. Choose whole foods. It’s much cheaper and more useful for your health. Don’t forget about the variety of products you buy, because it’s really important to have balanced nutrition.  


8. Buy seasonal produce

Everyone knows that fruits and vegetables have a great amount of vitamins. Of course, we should eat them to make our immune system strong. Buying fruits and vegetables that are in season will help you to save your budget. So, seasonal produce matters.

9. Shop at the farmer's market

You can buy fresh and seasonal produce in farmer’s markets at lower prices than grocery stores propose. Besides, by buying farmers’ goods, you help the farming industry to develop. 

10. Meal plan

Meal planning is a very effective grocery shopping hack to save money. When you create a week or better month menu, your life becomes much easier and your wallet – much heavier. Just imagine, you don’t have to think about meals every day. So, find time once a week or month to think over your meal plan and that’s all, you are free of these thoughts for some time. Isn’t it awesome? 

To sum it up, our grocery shopping hacks to save money are simple. Every woman can follow them and start to spend less money on food. Just try it. You can take one or two hacks to begin with. Then you can add all of them. More hacks you follow, the more money you save. 

And one more precious advice from SheBanks: don’t go to the grocery shop when you are hungry. In this situation your brain will block all information about saving money. 

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