Heather Taylor - Making an Impact

Moving past fear and living the life of your dreams

season 01 – Episode 04 – keep calm and bank on podcast

april 26, 2022

She Banks Women Financial Banking

“Do the things that scare you. Doing those things just helps you grow as a person. Try new ideas, don’t get stuck in the way that you’ve always done things, or you’ve heard its been done.”

Heather Taylor, mother of two, competed in the Mrs. Colorado pageant last year and is the President of Impact Commercial Real Estate. When Heather applied at different real estate firms as a soon to be mom, she was having trouble finding somewhere that could offer the work-life balance she desired. Thus, Heather decided to start her own firm. She wanted to help small businesses and women, and has now brought that dream to life. Now, she works alongside a 12 person team, many of them moms like herself, who support each other on their dreams of having a family and a great career. “I want us all to stay true to our beliefs and ideas because it can work out just the way we imagine it,” she says. “We can do it all and be very successful.” In this interview, Heather and I discuss fear and how it can hold people back. Whether that fear is based around public speaking, giving presentations or starting a new business, she shares that taking the first step is important, even if it scares you. She gives some practical tips about improving your techniques and confidence when giving a presentation or speaking to a group of people. Other topics include strategies to overcome the start-up fees of a new business and reinvesting your money into real estate and making your money work for you.

To get in touch with Heather, visit https://www.impactcommercial.co/