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Nicolle Smith - Financing A Car With Less Than Perfect Credit

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June 7, 2022

“My focus is sub-prime financing. I help people with less than perfect credit, people with no credit, and people re-establishing their credit get into vehicles with lower rates and little to no money down.”

Brittany and Nayiree sit down with Nicolle Smith of Watchdog Automotive to discuss options for how people with sub-prime credit can finance a car. Nicolle has worked in the car industry for 20+ years from dealerships to brokerages and is committed to helping her clients find a car whether they have no credit or excellent credit.

“I think some of the biggest concerns women have are probably being taken advantage of,” Nicolle says. “That can look like a lot of different things like being price gouged, being forced to make a higher down payment than necessary to secure a vehicle, being sold a vehicle that’s not mechanically sound, or being written at a higher APR. I think those are a lot of the women’s concerns, and I think they’re rightfully so because I’ve seen it happen.”

Topics We Cover:

When financing a car, it will be common for dealerships to give you a pre-approval, but Nicolle says to be wary of this. “The first alarm is when they say you’re pre-approved within an hour and they’re having you come down. Don’t believe them because it takes some time to get a pre-approval for a first time buyer.” She continues, “When I worked in the dealerships, we were trained to get people in the door.”

It is crucial to know if you will need full coverage on a financed car – and how much it will cost per month.

This is the amount of interest that you’ll be charged on your loan. Your APR will depend on several factors, including your credit score.

Down Payment
The larger the down payment, the lower your monthly payments will be. However, not everyone can afford to put out a large down payment. While a downpayment is helpful to lower your monthly payment, it doesn’t always have to be mandatory depending on your credit situation.

Leasing vs Financing
With leasing, you’re essentially renting the vehicle for a set period of time, and at the end of the lease, you have the option to purchase the car or return it to the dealership. Financing allows you to keep the car after making all of your payments, but it typically requires a higher down payment and interest rate.


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Welcome to the Keep Calm and Bank On Podcast, the official podcast of the She Banks Community.  We are using this platform to share uplifting stories about inspiring women who never gave up on their dreams, the financial challenges they faced, and everything in between.

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Heather Taylor - Making an Impact



APRIL 26, 2022

“Do the things that scare you. Doing those things just helps you grow as a person. Try new ideas, don’t get stuck in the way that you’ve always done things, or you’ve heard its been done.”

Heather Taylor, mother of two, competed in the Mrs. Colorado pageant last year and is the President of Impact Commercial Real Estate. When Heather applied at different real estate firms as a soon to be mom, she was having trouble finding somewhere that could offer the work-life balance she desired. Thus, Heather decided to start her own firm. She wanted to help small businesses and women, and has now brought that dream to life. Now, she works alongside a 12 person team, many of them moms like herself, who support each other on their dreams of having a family and a great career. “I want us all to stay true to our beliefs and ideas because it can work out just the way we imagine it,” she says. “We can do it all and be very successful.” In this interview, Heather and I discuss fear and how it can hold people back. Whether that fear is based around public speaking, giving presentations or starting a new business, she shares that taking the first step is important, even if it scares you. She gives some practical tips about improving your techniques and confidence when giving a presentation or speaking to a group of people. Other topics include strategies to overcome the start-up fees of a new business and reinvesting your money into real estate and making your money work for you.

To get in touch with Heather, visit
She Banks Women Financial Banking Devon

“If you can be brave and start asking questions, you find out that we are all in the same boat figuring out how to run a business and work with money.”

Devon Nestor is on a mission to achieve work life balance between fun, family and being a business owner. She is an art teacher turned bookkeeper, and discusses her unexpected change of career and how well it is working out for her. She is a mother of two sons, has a handful of animals and two businesses between her and her husband. Devon opened up about her own understanding of personal finance and the feeling of  freedom she experienced the first time she got a true hold on her own business books. 

“Everybody has to start somewhere, nobody knows it all when you start, and that's okay."

In early 2020, Vanessa Sidara was working 12 hours days in health care. Things changed when she made a “Spring Fling” cake for her husband’s birthday and posted it on social media, and started receiving requests from her followers for their own cake. 

She is now the owner of Highlands Bake Shop, located in North Denver. Vanessa is a Self taught baker, who never ran a business before and suddenly found herself with a new opportunity after working over a decade in health care. Her business has blown up and blossomed over the past two years.  Talking with Vanessa and finding out how she started was inspirational. “I was taking these orders and had no idea if I was going to make any money,” she says. “You learn what you need to do. I started with a hand mixer.”

“Food can connect us to our land, and connect us to eachother."

Chef Nakia Laubscher knew she wanted to work with food from an early age. She moved to Denver to attend Johnson and Wales and has been in Colorado ever since. Now, she connects busy people to joyful food through her chef guided grocery delivery business, Chefate. She has two cats and loves that her business affords her the opportunity to have some flexibility in her schedule. Nakia is a lover of the outdoors and hiking, and feels passionate about our connection to the land, the connection between land and food, and in full circle, people and food. We talked about the importance of sustainability in the food industry and how Chefate plays a part in the transformation of how people approach grocery shopping, cooking for themselves and their loved ones.

Meet the Hosts

She Banks Women Financial Banking Brittany

Brittany Archer

I joined the She Banks team as Head of Marketing after working in digital marketing, journalism & media for close to a decade. I opened the doors to my first business at age 25 and am love talking about female entrepreneurship. My current personal money mission is to finish my private pilot’s license and fly around the Caribbean and Europe. I live with a small but mighty dog named Didi, and feel passionate about helping people succeed in their personal finance goals. I wanted to start this podcast so that women don’t feel alone in their journey, and can find positive inspiration in our community. It is such a pleasure to speak with each and every one of you!

She Banks Women Financial Banking Carmen

Carmen Salas

My career started as a disciplinary artist from digital art to the film industry before joining the She Banks team as the Social Media and Content Manager. Also, I am such a Gemini! I am an entrepreneur at heart and since a young age, I have been exploring selling different products, mostly custom made, until I find my calling! I am a devoted traveler that enjoys music, the beach, and vegan ice cream. I am a supporter of women supporting each other. I have always been interested in projects that promote individual and collective well-being creatively. 

Brittany and Carmen met in Puerto Rico and later on unified efforts for a natural disaster relief response in 2017. A few years later,  they co-founded a digital marketing and branding studio called Studio 1950 and now work side by side to bring the She Banks mission to the community!